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Lake City Dive Center & Training Academy

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A Full Service Dive Center

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Just off I-75 and Hwy 90 in Lake City, conveniently located within 30 minutes to most of North Florida Caves.


From Snorkeling to Instructor level training.  Our Training Academy is second to none.  Scuba Diving...The Gateway to the Underwater World! 

Rebreather Training

Experience Silent Diving.  Rebreather Training for Instructors and Technical divers who want to step up to the next level of diving.

Specialty Training

Such as Public Safety Diver Training, this program is designed for Police, Fire and other public safety organizations.  Our Training Director Mark Fowler spent over 30 years on the Virginia State Police Dive Team.  Mark has been training Public Safety Divers for over 20 years.

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New Products being added daily as our customers request new and exciting products.

Fill Station

State of the art complete Fill Station.    

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5 Star Professional Development Center

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We will be closed December 24th & 25th and on December 31st & January 1st

Lake City Dive Center

426 Commerce Dr SW, Lake City, Florida 32025, United States

(386) 487-6345


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Spring Conditions

Blue Grotto

  • Open as of 12/22/18
  • Visibility: 40' and improving



  • Closed as of 12/22/18

Eagles Nest

  • Visibility: Water in the basin 20'-25'
  • Visibility in the cave 40'-50'  

Ginnie Springs

  • Open as of 12/22/18
  • Visibility:  60' -  70'
  • Flow:  Moderate


  • Visibility: 60' - 70'
  • Flow:  Strong Flow

Not update as of 11/2018


  • Visibility: Crystal, 35'-40'
  • Flow:  Heavy Flow

Not updated since 11/2018

Little River

  • Closed as of 12/22/18


  • Closed as of 12/22/18


  • Open

Not updated since 11/17/18



  • Closed as of 12/22/18


  • Closed as of 12/22/18


  • Closed as of 12/22/18

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Bethany Roberts

Raven Roberts at Troy Springs 11/23/18

John McCain

Jug Hole

Marvin Zaske




Congratulations Cale Gentry!  

Ribbon Cutting

What an amazing crowd!  We love you all!  Thank you for coming!

Mary Ann Thomson

A very happy Mary Ann at Blue Grotto